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newbookReality Therapy and Self-Evaluation: The Key To Change (Robert E Wubbolding EdD)

Having trouble dealing with resistance, avoidance, & excuses? This book delivers down to earth alternatives to the failed embedded and widespread impulse to “outmuscle” others. It answers the question, “What do I do and say when I don’t know what to do?” Counselors, Therapists, and Educators will find this book eminently useful.

Published by American Counseling Association and will be available in the Spring

Click image for more information

The Center for Reality Therapy is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-Approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP is solely responsible for all aspects of the program.

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We are holding a 3 day Basic and Advanced Intensive Training workshop on November 19th - 20th 2016 (Sat, Sun, Mon)

For more details, and to register go to our Scheduled Workshops page (accessed via our Home page/Resources)

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Once again I’m on the trail! I will be conducting 6 full day workshops and I hope that you will promote them by sending this notification to people in your region and to anyone else that you think would be interested.

Go to this link for details.

In order to register go to the link, below are the dates and locations of the seminars. You can also call them at 1 800 397-0180

These sessions are an excellent way to create interest in further training in RT. Oftentimes people attend this kind of session and ask me where can I go for more information and training. If you have brochures announcing your WGI basic and advanced trainings please send them to me and I will put them in the hands of the participants.

You are welcome to attend. However, I have no control over complimentary registrations. But if you wish you can appear just before lunch and promote your WGI intensive trainings.

Many thanks for your cooperation.


Bob Wubbolding

Dealing with Resistance, Avoidance and Other Difficult Behaviors: Creative Skills for Empowering Clients (By Robert Wubbolding)

Empower clients, even when they set up barriers, using tried and true evidence-supported Reality Therapy techniques, including mindfulness and paradox. Take home skills that are creative, immediately usable and effective in a variety of settings.
Live Seminars

  Raleigh, NC (US) Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

  Winston Salem, NC (US) Wednesday, Aug 24, 2016

  Charlotte, NC (US) Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

  Long Island, NY (US) Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016

  Carle Place, NY (US) Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016

  Manhattan, NY (US) Thursday, Sep 1, 2016


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Trilogy on Reality Therapy
Published November 25, 2013 | By Bob Wubbolding


The American Psychological Association has published the third component of a trilogy on reality therapy authored by Bob Wubbolding. The first component is the counseling DVD with a real client, a man in his 40’s who has relationship difficulties. The second component is the book Reality Therapy: Theories of Psychotherapy Series, part of the APA series on theories of counseling and psychotherapy. A chapter in a book of readings is the third component in the trilogy. This book contains chapters on various counseling theories such as behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive therapy, feminist therapy, relational-cultural therapy as well as choice theory/reality therapy. This book will be a standard for students in psychology programs.

These publications are the result of many years of effort to mainstream CT/RT and facilitate its recognition at the highest professional levels thereby insuring William Glasser’s legacy. These resources are used in undergraduate and graduate degree programs around the world in psychology, in counseling and in social work, human services and criminal justice. In the future we can expect that participants in the William Glasser International training programs will be familiar with these resources.

These three resources are available from the American Psychological Association.


DVD: Reality Therapy: Robert E. Wubbolding Series 1 – Systems of Psychotherapy

ISBN: 13: 978-1-59147-788-4

Book: Reality Therapy: Theories of Psychotherapy Series:  ISBN: 13: 978-1-4338-0853-1

Psychotherapy Theories and Techniques: A Reader (Eds. G. Vandenboss, E. Meidenbauer, & J. Frank-McNeil) : ISBN: 13: 978-1-4338-1619-2


Dr. William Glasser Eulogy
Published September 10, 2013 | By Bob Wubbolding

dr glasserOn August 23, 2013 Dr. William Glasser died peacefully in his home surrounded by his wife Carleen and his son Martin. He had been in a state of declining health for several years and had been retired for four years.

He will always be remembered for founding reality therapy. His groundbreaking book Reality Therapy, published in 1965, created a stir among professional people. This book was the result of his experience and research in a mental hospital and a correctional institution. He described how he believed people chose their behavior and could therefore alter it. Even though he was a psychiatrist the psychiatry profession did not readily accept his work. But counselors, psychologists, social workers and educators welcomed it enthusiastically and began implementing it in schools, clinics and correctional institutions. As time passed Dr. Glasser developed an educational reform program now known as “The Glasser Quality School”.

For 50 years Dr. Glasser traveled throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia lecturing to large groups of professional people and others who wished to assist their clients more effectively or who wished to improve their own lives. As time went by he added a theoretical basis to the practical delivery system. He called the theory “choice theory” and described it as the train track for the train, reality therapy. Choice theory provides the validation for the application of his ideas to education, parenting, corrections, addictions and all human relationships.

In 1974 he developed a certification process in reality therapy. Since that time, thousands of people have taken training programs and been certified in reality therapy through the William Glasser Institute. At the present time this program exists in over 20 countries and on six continents.

In his many books, lectures and conversations he always stressed the importance of human relationships as central to effective mental health. As a visionary he wanted to teach his system to the world. As a practical service provider he always demonstrated his method in his teaching by asking members of the audience to present him with difficult situations. He frequently said, “Give me your toughest clients” and immediately related to them with empathy, firmness and most of all with his eye-twinkling humor.

Reality therapy and its theoretical basis choice theory are now represented in most counseling textbooks and are taught in counseling and psychotherapy courses. His system has gained respect and prestige as a scientifically proven methodology applied to persons from cultures around the world.

He was a frequent presenter at American Counseling Association conferences delivering keynote addresses. He especially enjoyed talking to students and practitioners in the exhibit hall while spending hours each day answering questions and autographing books. In 2004 he was pleased to receive the Legend in Counseling Award for his development of reality therapy presented by the American Counseling Association.

Beginning in 1989 he served as a member of the distinguished faculty at the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference sponsored by the Milton Erickson Foundation and which assembled “the pioneers in the psychological profession.” He took pride in his provocative approach to the world of human relationships even to the point of stating that most long-term psychological problems are in fact relationship problems.

His most recent professional recognition came to him on May 11, 2013, when the State Senate of California recognized him for a lifetime of achievement. They stated the following:

“WHEREAS, Intelligent and articulate, aware and involved, Dr. William Glasser is a fine example of a public-spirited citizen willing to assume the responsibilities of leadership, and through his remarkable personal and professional achievements, he has become a legendary figure who is admired by people throughout the State of California and beyond; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY SENATORS CAROL LIU AND LONI HANCOCK, That they recognize and thank Dr. William Glasser for a lifetime of achievements and meritorious service to humanity, and convey sincere best wishes that his indomitable efforts will continue in the years ahead.”

On a more intimate level still in the minds of some members of the William Glasser Institute and of major significance to all members of the William Glasser International was the message from Bea Dolan to Bill at the 1990 International Conference, the silver anniversary of the publication of Reality Therapy. She had been the superintendent of the Ventura School and sent the following touching tribute to Dr. Glasser emphasizing human relationships:

“We at the Ventura School started every treatment program the
department had: citizens’ advisory groups, ward advisory committees, small and large group counseling, off-campus services, etc. And what did we get – each other! A reward beyond compare.”
Quite recently, a woman approached him at his home and begged him for advice for how to deal with her 3 year-old son. He paused for a long time and then reached deep down inside his soul and gave her 2 suggestions: “Always treat him as if he is good.” And “Set up circumstances where he can only succeed.” These wise words could serve as his suggestions for all counselors. They represent for us a worldview, an attitude toward clients and his perception of all human beings. These two sentiments transcend a particular counseling system in that they summarize his legacy.

We, his followers and members of his organization, still consider him friend, family, mentor, colleague, visionary and exemplary human being. Rest in peace, good friend. You will always be with us and we, your entire institute, pledge to continue your work and to teach your life changing ideas.
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