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WDEP System - An Integral Part of Training

wdep glasser(Carleen Glasser Teaching W.D.E.P System to a group)

In 2008 Dr and Carleen Glasser wrote to Dr. Wubbolding expressing their support for teaching the procedures that lead to change as central to the mission of The William Glasser Institute. Stating that teaching the procedures (the WDEP system) continues to be an integral part of training participants wishing to learn choice theory and reality therapy and is particularly effective in our training programs. (read full endorsement)




  Glasser Scholars Programme

P1010008(2008 Glasser Scholars & trainers)

In 2008 The William Glasser Institute sponsored 12 University professors for the (CTRTC) certification process. In return they were asked to conduct research on Choice Theory & Reality Therapy and to publish it. They completed the certification in summer of 2009.
They proceded onwards and became practricum isupervisors and instructors. Since then they have conducted intensive training throughout the United States, and some continue to publish in various journals and to co-author articles on varioius applications of Reality Therapy. (The photo also shows Instructors Bob Wubbolding John Brickell and Adrian Gorman)




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