WDEP System

The user of Reality Therapy, the WDEP system, applies the principles to individuals, to groups, and to organizations. Central to the effective use of the system is the establishment of a fair, firm, and friendly atmosphere, climate, environment, or relationship.


Built on the above environment, the procedures of reality therapy summarized in the WDEP system, including

  •     Helping clients, students, employees define and clarify their wants (W),
  •     Examining their total behavior: feelings, effective or ineffective self-talk, and especially their actions (D).
  •     A searching and even at times uncomfortable self-evaluation (E)
  •     Culminating in specific and attainable positive plans (P) for improvement .

For more details of reality therapy, including 22 kinds of self-evaluation, please consult the most comprehensive book written on this topic, Reality Therapy for the 21st Century, by Robert E. Wubbolding, Ed.D. You may order the book from the resource section.

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